Clash of Clans Guide

Clash of Clans Guide (The best Mobile Strategy Game)

About Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a Strategy game for Mobile Devices such as Android and iOS. It features a freemium model and it usually deals with mobile strategy. It takes place in the fantasy-themed world and allows the player to assume the role of a chief of a village, where they are tasked with creating his dream town using the resources they had gathered from raiding or destroying other players through the fighting system. However, the main resources of the game are the following:

  1. Gold
  2. Elixir
  3. Dark Elixir
  4. Gems During the game, players can join each other to create clans, teams of up to fifty players who can then partake in Wars, where they can receive and donate their troops, and communicate with each other to plan their strategy.


As you know, Clash of Clan is an Online Multiplayer game, in which you have a chance to form communities, known as Clans. Your aim is to train your troops and lead them on the battlefield to dominate the bases of other players and collect resources. While playing the game, you can use four different currencies to create and reload defenses that guard your village against enemies or other player attacks. In the game, Dark Elixir and Elixir can allow you to train and upgrade spells and troops as well. However, Gems are the premium currency, letting players level up by upgrading the required buildings. The game uses the star reward system, which rewards you with one of three stars, depending on your performance.

Troops and Spells

There are two types of barracks such as Dark Barracks and Barracks, and two types of spell factories such as Dark and Spell Factory. The barracks require elixir currency to create troops, while the dark barracks needs the dark elixir to create troops. Spell factories use the same pattern, namely, the basic spell factory creates powerful spells using the elixir, whereas the dark spell factory creates spell using the dark elixir. In the game, all spells and troops have different attributes. As you advance through the game, several new spells and troops will be unlocked to use in the fight.

Base Building

Like other players, you start the game with empty land and few resources. Your main job is to establish a village, place buildings using the drag & drop system, recruit troops, and then upgrade them to become the master. The main currency of the game is gems which the player needs to use wisely to unlock valuable items and upgrading buildings. After establishing a base, you’re ready to command your army in the battlefield against other players from across the world. A victory rewards you with in-game currencies and many unlock items.

Pick your Targets Crafting a strong defense is essential for guarding your resources. However, the perfect attack is just as vital. Using several methods, you can create your base and mix units to turn them into indestructible defenses. There are some important things you should know before dropping troops while finding your opponents. Firstly, look at their TH (Town Hall) level. If it’s lower than yours, you’ll receive small damage. You need to discover how many resources are present for plundering. You’ll be able to earn back the lost resources you spend on troops after receiving an attack. Features • Siege Machines • Create a Clan • Join your Friends • Fight in Clan Wars • Friendly Challenges • Journey to the Builder Base • Unique Battle Strategies

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